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2024 Belmont Stakes Race Day Cocktail Party

Beginning in 2022, the Belmont Chapel Foundation has hosted a cocktail party on the day of the Belmont Stakes Race, the third race of the annual Triple Crown, to celebrate August Belmont, the founder of the Belmont Race and also of the Chapel. This event is our annual fundraiser and the proceeds go to the building maintenance fund to ensure proper upkeep of the building following the success restoration.

The event is held under a tent at the Belmont Circle in the cemetery and the race is simulcast on two large screens for live viewing. Attendees place bets on their favorite horses and win prizes for win, place and show.

Refreshments are served including the famous Belmont Jewel. Attendees wear favorite hats and race attire.

A good time is had by all and the profits go to a worthy cause!

Come to join in the fun and excitement for the 2024 Belmont Stakes Race Day on June 8, 2024, at 4:30pm.

There will be tour of the chapel to view the final finishing touches on the restoration at 4:30 to be followed by the festivities under the tent and culminating after the race at 7:30.

Belmont Stakes Committee

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