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Newport This Week, August 21,  2021
Belmont Chapel Getting New Lease on Life

Belmont Chapel, a hidden gem in the heart of Island Cemetery, is a 19th-century, Neo-Gothic remnant of the historic romance of Newport. It is being restored, one glorious piece of slate and glass at a time...

Newport This Week, April, 28, 2022
Belmont Chapel Completes First Phase of Restoration

Phase two has already begun and will include re-plastering the interior walls, ornamental woodwork in the chancel, repairing missing sections of floor tiles, repairing window and door frames, installing tempered storm glass for windows, repairing stained glass windows...

Capital Campaign Progress Report​

We have surely had an extremely successful Capital Campaign thanks to all of you, our generous supporters and donors. This report is a brief look at the financial success to date and at the restoration progress at the chapel. 

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